Lenart Perko


Welcome to the Emberborn forge! It started off as a “garage” project and through my time spent in various business practices, it became a business of it’s own!
Basically I teach people how to make knives and other edge tools. Basic blacksmithing skills are a basis for that, so that is the minimum that you get out of my courses. There are also pattern welded lessons, Japanese techniques, wood chemistry, edge geometry and other various knife making skills.
By profession I am a stonemason, that has spent 9 years working in security, night clubs and stores. In the meantime I graduated from engineering design, after I successfully failed at humanistic studies, such as philosophy, pedagogics, archaeology and theology.
Since 2014 I have been making knives and stonemasonry tools and in 2017 I started teaching making those. During these years we have hammered over 1600 knives and have spread all over the internet. The most famous story was the one with “Human bone knife”, where I handled a friend’s femur bone in to a knife handle. That is at least what I got known for.
Now I spend my days continuing my conquest. I also have a book coming out in spring.
I am the owner of the land around the house, which I made free for everyone to use. Barn is also available to sleep in, free of charge.
Hard times are behind us and in exchange for all the hardships and adversities endured, for all the help that I received, I made my land free to use.
The knives and courses come with different prices, they are the only means of paying the bills.
If you ever want to visit and spend a few days in the magical house, that use to be an essential oil factory, you are all very welcome.
See you at the crime scene!